The council tax reduction scotland regulations 2012


images the council tax reduction scotland regulations 2012

This notice provides details of what information we collect from you, what we do with it, and who it might be shared with. The data will be held as long as the account is live and on closed accounts for up to 6 years after the account has closed. In these circumstances UC paid to the eligible partner does not count as public funds and so the ineligible partner does not break the terms of their leave. This will include: A parent of a child in education provided that at since the child has lived here at least one of its parents has been an EEA worker. Housing advisers. Where necessary, we request follow up information from you directly. How can we improve housing for new migrants in the UK? The legislation that requires local authorities to collect and administer tax from its residents is as follows. Search can now be found below. We collect the information we need to assess your entitlement directly from you when you complete your application form.

  • Council Tax legislation

  • These Regulations may be cited as the Council Tax Reduction (Scotland) Regulations and come into force on 28th January These Regulations make provision for a reduction in liability for council tax (“ council tax reduction”) for persons who have not reached the qualifying age for state.

    Council Tax legislation

    The council tax reduction scheme reduces how much council tax a low . set out in the Council Tax Reduction (Scotland) Regulations
    This will include: A parent of a child in education provided that at since the child has lived here at least one of its parents has been an EEA worker. The first two categories are dealt with under the section on persons subject to immigration control and apply equally to claims for UC, HB and CTR.

    Broadly a person will be subject to immigration control if they are a national of any state outside the EEA.

    images the council tax reduction scotland regulations 2012

    Jackson argyll-bute. If the liaison does not work then a claim for benefits will trigger the NINO application process and the refugee is invited to attend a NINO interview.

    In the case of the first three the claimant is usually habitually resident and is only likely to be excluded if they make a claim within the first few months after entering the UK after a prolonged period living abroad.

    We keep this data to ensure the accuracy of council tax liability administration.

    images the council tax reduction scotland regulations 2012
    Anyone who falls outside the definition and who is habitually resident i.

    The award includes the allowance for a couple and the income and capital of both members is counted. If we ask you to provide specific information in order to assess the correct amount of council tax payable and you do not provide this information we may fine you. Legislation requires local authorities to bill and collect council tax.

    images the council tax reduction scotland regulations 2012

    What information do we need? Eventually starting sometime in all working-age claims for help with housing costs will be transferred to UC and only pension-age claimants will be able to claim HB.

    The Scottish Government's Council Tax Reduction scheme started on 1 or Regulation 90B of the Council Tax Reduction (Scotland). The Council Tax Reduction (State Pension Credit)(Scotland) Regulations ( hereafter referred to as 'CTS60+' followed by the regulation number).

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    As part of the Council Tax billing and collection process, Argyll and Bute Council Regulations ; The Council Tax Reduction (Scotland) Regulations
    Universal credit and housing benefit are part of the social security system and the Regulations apply across England, Scotland and Wales. If you are a new arrival please click here for information more relevant to you.

    Examples are. To verify the information you give us, we can also check other information held by Falkirk Council about you. The appropriate CTR regulation that mirrors any HB rule or diverges from it in the way described follows at the end of the text to which it applies. Note that entitlement to any one of these benefits will also preserve entitlement to the others HB Consequential Provisions Regulationsschedule 3 paragraph 6 5 - 8.

    We do not transfer personal information outside the UK.

    images the council tax reduction scotland regulations 2012
    This page is for housing advisers.

    Unlike rules for housing allocations or homelessness assistance there is no equivalent concept of a 'restricted person' even if no award would be made if the claimant had no dependents e. The requirement to provide a NINO always applies to the claimant, or for UC, the joint claimants but not to the ineligible partner where the eligible member of a couple is claiming UC as a single person. The law on HB regarding the eligibility of migrants is a mixture of statute mainly the Immigration and Asylum Act and regulations mainly the Universal Credit Regulations and the Housing Benefit Regulations Self-sufficient EEA nationals only have a right to reside if they have comprehensive sickness insurance and have 'sufficient resources not to become a burden on the social assistance system' EEA Regulations4 1 c - but what constitutes a burden is not defined and so must be judged on the facts of the case.

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    1. In Scotland the rules for CTR are set by the Scottish Government and approved by the Scottish Parliament — they apply the same way across every local authority in Scotland. Background Topics Who are the new migrants?

    2. Your information is processed to allow us to: Meet our legal obligation to bill and collect council tax Administer council tax accurately by setting up your account for billing purposes Check that the information provided is accurate Process your application for Council Tax exemption or discounts Comply with legal obligations in relation to the prevention and detection of crime including fraud Protect public funds Perform any statutory enforcement duties in relation to the collection of council tax where appropriate.