Procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014


images procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014

The Royal Federation of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Granada is the body in charge of the regulation of the set of brotherhoods of the city. First Sunday of every month Arts. A little history The origins of the Semana Santa procession in Torrevieja go back to Marchwhen Don Antonio Blasco y Viudes donated an image of the Virgen de la Soledad which he had purchased in Valencia, as well as the costs of preparing a chapel for her. In some areas, sections of the participants wear dress freely inspired by the uniforms of the Roman Legion. Usually, the "pasos" are accompanied by Marching bands performing "Marchas procesionales" a specific type of compositions, devoted to the images and fraternities. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. On the top of the float you can see the processional images, polychrome wooden sculptures which are displayed either separately or in groups. Some of the images are artistic masterworks of great antiquity. The processions in Cartagena do not closely resemble others in Spain due to their strict order and unique characteristics.

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  • Santa Cena. Catalogada a nivel nacional dentro de las diez mejores procesiones de España. more info. Organizada por el Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Orihuela. Junta Mayor Cofradias Orihuela © Diseño Web XOLUTEX.

    Torrevieja Semana Santa, Programme - Alicante Today, Keep up with Turco, Gabriel Miró, Orihuela, Caballero de Rodas to the Templo Arciprestal de la.

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    Semana Santa Mexico – Easter in Mexico is a fourteen day occasion . Gaén in Aragón; Crevillent and Orihuela in the Region of Valencia; Medina The Salud society march in Málaga on Palm Sunday .

    images procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014

    Transmitir un eje en la zona escalonada especial de la camarilla o en las procesiones.
    This garment consists of a tunic, a hood with conical tip capirote used to conceal the face of the wearer, and sometimes a cloak.

    From onward, that task has been universally taken over by the members of the confraternities who organize each procession. The National Sculpture Museum of the city gives a total of images distributed in the corresponding pasos to the processions, such as fact museum unique in Spain. Some of the images are artistic masterworks of great antiquity. The procession consists of a march through the city bearing Orujo at the head of the procession; at the spot by the face of the city walls where the man was run over a bottle of Orujo and 27 oranges are left in commemoration.

    Furthermore, a lot of complementary activities are programmed during all the week. As a reflection of its importance, is also considered as a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest of Spain since

    images procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014
    Procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014
    Given its role as the historical home of the Spanish Navyevery year on Holy Tuesday the Spanish Navy Marines send a delegation to the procession on that day.

    The exact colors and forms of these robes depend on the particular procession. North Spain. Easter is one of the most spectacular and emotional fiestas in Valladolid.

    images procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014

    The impact is particularly strong for the Catholic community. It must have been this uniqueness which awarded the Holy Week of Cartagena the rank of International Tourist Interest Festival in

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    Lot archived - 12th To 21st April Programme Of Parades: Semana Santa In San Pedro which dates fromand María Magdalena (Juan Bautista de la Vera, ). Avenida Dr. Artero Guirao, Victor Pradera, Avenida Orihuela, Manzanares. In Spain, Easter (Semana Santa) is a religious celebration when the brotherhoods (cofradías) organize processions (procesiones) in which the Nazarenes (nazarenos) In the province of Alicante these include Easter in Orihuela, Easter in Crevillente and Palm Sunday Procession in Elche.

    Art and Exhibitions. At the beginning of the 20th century, the archbishop's support and the resurgence of the local bourgeoisie led to a boom in Holy Week. The exact colors and forms of these robes depend on the particular procession.

    The members of the group are all clad in the same colours and wear a robe, a sash around the waist, a cloak, a high pointed hood to cover their heads and faces, and sandals. Also unique in Cartagena are the infantry companies " piquetes " at the rear of the main processions, escorting the float of St. Holy Week in Viveiro is one of the best known religious events within Galicia.

    images procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014
    Procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014
    Salamanca has one of the oldest celebrations in Spain.

    images procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014

    The " Semana Santa de Sevilla " is notable for featuring the procession of " pasos "lifelike painted wooden sculptures of individual scenes of the events that happened between Jesus' entry in Jerusalem and his burial, or images of the Virgin Mary showing restained grief for the torture and killing of her son.

    These statues are accompanied by devotees wearing habits and capirotes and carrying candles. In these reached their peak of splendour with grand and solemn processions, with the participation of the forces of lawa and order on horseback, and an impressive collection of images which were donated by the local townspeople. The last statue in the procession is the Virgen de las Angustiasand her return to the church is one of the most emotional moments of the celebrations, with the Salve Popular sung in her honour.

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    Holy Week in Spain is the annual tribute of the Passion of Jesus Christ celebrated by Catholic Spain is known especially for its Holy Week traditions or Semana Santa. The most solemn and famous procession is the "Procesion de los Pasos", also known as the "Procesion del Encuentro" .

    Family and activities.

    The embroidered silk are also a prominent feature of Lorca processions, marked by an extraordinary rivalry between two of its fraternities or steps, the Blue and White. Declared as National Touristic Interest, is a tradition born after banning of playing drums and other instruments during Holy Week celebrations out of the "procession" hours, by the Catholic local authorities in the 19th century.

    Zamora has the oldest celebrations in Spain. Zamora increases its population 5 times, up to At the rear of the " tercio " come a music band and the drummers, and then the trono made of artistically carved gilded or painted wood.

    Regardless of the existence of religious processions in the traditional way, are the Bible Parades Passionate dotting the Easter lorquina of a unique and different, with representations of the Old Testament or the Christian symbolism or with the participation of horses and chariots and floats of enormous dimensions.

    images procesiones semana santa orihuela 2014
    During this nine-hour marathon procession, about 4, penitents carry 13 "pasos" around all the city.

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    During the celebrations of Ferrol's Holy Week, the town receives thousands of tourists and the environment is warm and friendly. Each float is preceded at the front by a richly embroidered standard " estandarte "carried by three members of the group and followed by two symmetrical lines of members, who march and stop in unison to the beat of drums.

    On this day, in the morning, members of the brotherhoods on horseback make a poetic proclamation throughout the city. There are also military parades playing processional marches or singing their anthems along the route. One of these military celebrations is that of the Spanish Legionwhich parades the image of Christ of the Good Death together with the Legion's own military band and Honor guard on Maundy Thursday, very popular among tourists, locals, and military veterans.

    Some of the images are artistic masterworks of great antiquity.

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    1. The other common feature is that every brotherhood carries magnificent "Pasos" or floats with sculptures that depict different scenes from the gospels related to the Passion of Christ or the Sorrows of Virgin Mary.