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images iaido shodan kata

The rest was just doing Iai. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Rarely before 18 months though. Allowing no one to go beyond 8th Dan is partially about respecting the history and lineage of the art and partially about realizing that today the highest levels are all about the same in skill as each other. They are reserved for those, er, who are daft enough to use them myself included. I was standing behind the chair of the person who would be going up after the person who was already on the floor.

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  • Before testing for Shodan (1st Dan), students should expect to spend two years For Dan levels above Shodan there are no set time limits.

    Kihon no Kata. Iaido: Towards passing the promotional examination in Japan is that, promotional exams for Kyu grades and Shodan to 5-dan are done the 2nd Kata or the 10th Kata and other techniques that usually take a bit more time. But does Iaido use the 10 Kyu - 10 Dan grading system that Judo, Karate and Jujutsu use?

    As it generally takes years to grade to Shodan in these.

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    When they first start, they may have a go at two or three kata in a.
    This meant that I got my testing done early, but it meant that I spent a lot of time in the testing room waiting for my turn. Not quite. The results?

    There is an observation area right near where I was practicing. I passed!

    images iaido shodan kata

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    images iaido shodan kata
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    Every other level has a minimum waiting period as follows:.

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    How do Iaido/Iai Gradings work Martial Arts Planet

    Done iai formally for about 11 or so years. Email required Address never made public. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Deadlines Raeanne… on Crunch Time.

    Iaido has a different grading system than other arts.

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    We don't have a belt system Shodan – 1st Dan Nidan – 2nd Dan Sandan For the practical portion I had to perform 5 Zen Ken Ren kata of my choosing. I chose Mae, Uke. Iaido is practiced in the form of katas (sequence of codified moves).

    Kiyoikaze Iaido Federation Test Requirements: Shodan: hours, minimum 2 years.
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    Ikkyu Grading Iaido in OTown

    Iaito zinc-alloy blunt blades are a decent copy but once you've used shinken it is difficult to go back to iaito. This meant it was technically further in my lap than it should have been, but I figured that was better than dropping it and making a bunch of noise.

    images iaido shodan kata

    We got a little time to practice beforehand. The results?

    images iaido shodan kata
    Just go and do my kata to the best of my ability and stop thinking about the other stuff.

    Good stuff. So in essence we go from white belt to brown belt and skip the ranks that are in between in other arts. Home About My Books. Add to that the 60ish koryu waza and you have a lifetime study.

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