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images any human heart imdb pro

Logan Mountstuart Young 4 episodes, Ed Stoppard Sheila Adrar 1 episode, Peter Banks I wish somebody would bequeath me a house! Typical 19th century English novel convenience. Whether the linkage is correct or appropriate is another matter. To put it simply, if there is any moral to the story it pales by comparison to a theme of accidental and ineluctable passages in the life of a minor player on the stage of history, enhanced by backdrops of larger-than-life public figures and horrific events from the twentieth century. However, his

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    Along the way he meets Ernest Hemingway, Ian Fleming and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor - the exiled Any Human Heart () Tobias Menzies in Any Human Heart () Matthew Macfadyen in Any . Show more on IMDbPro ». Along the way he meets Ernest Hemingway, Ian Fleming and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor - the exiled Tobias Menzies in Any Human Heart () Gillian Anderson in Any Human Heart () Matthew .

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    Land Fothergill 1 episode, Peter Scabius Older 4 episodes, Island at War The random happenings in Logan's life no longer appear like chance events, retrospectively interesting, in a story driven by its own imperatives, but rather as implausible plot; instead of Logan making acquaintances who transpire to be famous, there's a feeling of shallow name-dropping here he meets Hemmingway, there the Duchess of Windsor ; and coincidences seem contrived when they're all there is.

    NID Secretary 1 episode, Frequently Asked Questions Q: Who were the writers or writer behind the series?

    images any human heart imdb pro
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    Roderick Poole 1 episode, Skye Bennett

    Any Human Heart, Part 1 of 3. Drama, Romance Add an image. Do you have any images for this title? Edit Company Credits.

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    images any human heart imdb pro

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    The essential resource for I read somewhere that Any Human Heart had poor viewing figures. If so, that's quite sad.

    images any human heart imdb pro

    The elderly Logan Mountstuart recalls his life as recorded in his many journals. Inas an Any Human Heart ().

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    Byrne 2 episodes, Stella Age 4 1 episode, Sophie Whilst in the novel Mountstuart is never entirely either likable or admirable,his televised version is less ambivalent. Betty 1 episode, Rosie Cavaliero Follow IMDb on.

    images any human heart imdb pro
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    Such things just don't happen. Drama mini-series.

    Follow IMDb on. By definition, a plot is connected sequence of events which follow a logical sequence to arrive at a climax. And it must be about time to have another martini. It is impossible to define sufficiently her unique warmth and the strangely fascinating manner she has in the role, much of which appears to be natural to her, since the DVD contains interviews with her and other cast members as well as William Boyd, all of which are interesting.

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    1. It follows Logan Mountstuart from his days as a rather unpleasant, arrogant public school man till his death aged 85,and is in the form of a journal. Secondly, television is a much less imaginative medium, and many drama series set over decades struggle to truly convey the passage of time.

    2. Anderson and co-conspirator Tom Hollander as the duke bring a comic edge to the story as Mountstuart, enlisted as a "spy" during World War II, mostly spends his time tracking down what happened to the former king after the story told in "The King's Speech," at least as Boyd imagines it. George Flower Seller 1 episode,